Dankeith House commissioned painting by Joan Ashcroft

My Latest Commisioned Painting – Dankeith House, Ayrshire, Scotland

I thought I’d share with you my latest commissioned painting of a country house called Dankeith House in Ayrshire. It’s is a place associated with fond memories for my client and his parents who received the painting as a surprise wedding anniversary gift.

It was created from a photograph which gave me a good reference for the painting. Slight adjustments were made to the composition in order to improve how the final painting would come together.

I wanted to create something that really focused on the building itself with the surrounding landscape complimenting it and something that would live up to the happy memories associated with house.

Here is the lovely thank you I received yesterday which really put a smile on my face….

“Hi Joan my mum and dad LOVED their painting! They were showing everyone who arrived with cards and gifts today. Thank-you so much again. They also thought it reflected how Dankeith house would have been in the distant past. Just awesome.” Kev O’Neil, Glasgow