Pet Portraits From Photos – Tips for Getting A Great Photo of your Pet

pet portraits from photos - the commission photoIf you’re thinking about commissioning pet portraits from photos, getting great reference photos is the first step you’ll need to take.

When creating pet portraits from photos, you’ll need the best possible shot of your pet – after all, this is what the artist will be working from. I find that a photo that captures personality, expression, and detail, helps me create that all important likeness in my pet portraits.

Without delving too much into the technical side of photography, here are a few tips that I’ve found help capture the best pet photos possible.

1) Get Down On Eye level

To capture the of your pet in a photo, you’ll need to get down to their level so that you’re not photographing them from above and distorting the shot.

This makes for the best pet portraits from photos in my experience which is why it is top of my list.

As with anything creative, rules are made to be broken though, and sometimes a shot from above looking down or below looking up at your pet can make for a quirky, interesting composition.

2) Natural Light Over Flash Photography

pet portraits from photos - the final commissionGood diffuse natural lighting e.g outdoors on a slightly overcast day, or inside with good natural lighting, produces the best results.

I did say I wouldn’t get technical so when I say no flash photography I’m talking about no in-built flash, you know the type on your more basic point and shoot camera or your smartphone.

Why not? Direct flash on more basic cameras seems to kill the details that are so important to see when creating a pet portrait from a photo. Red eye means no eye details can be seen and often all the gorgeous details in the fur is flattened.

3) Fill Up The Lens

Getting up close to your pet and filling the lens as much as you can with what’s important – your pet of course! – will let you capture even more detail.

4) Get Yourself A Handy Assistant

It’s so much easier to get that perfect photo with an extra pair of hands to help.

Bribe someone to help you out and get them to make silly noises, call your pet’s name, or hold a treat or toy to catch your pet’s attention while you