art as a gift

Why Buy Art As A Gift?

Tentsmuir Beach, St Andrews by Joan Ashcroft


Why Buying Art as a Gift could solve your Gift Buying Dilemmas…..

The year is interspersed with birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and many other events that generally require you to purchase a gift. it can become a little daunting, frustrating and very time consuming, trying to think of something special to show how much a person (or people) mean to you.

Ever thought about buying art as a gift? Here are just 4 reasons why I think its an idea well worth considering…..

1. Your family and friends will love you!  – Why struggle and struggle to find the perfect gift but fail in your quest and end-up giving a bottle of perfume or aftershave?

 2.  Art is a meaningful, personal gift. It shows you care and that you’ve put the effort into thinking of something special and people really appreciate that.

3.  You get one of the few things that appreciates in value – Not much in life rises in value after you’ve purchased it, especially now! – art is one of the few remaining areas where your investment is sure to rise in value

4.  Art enhances the home – A new painting on the wall can transform a room, give it a new lease of life, make it look fabulous and making those in it feel fabulous too.

Why not see if there is anything in my shop that might fit the bill.

Commissioning art for someone can be a great idea too, thoughtful, meaningful and personal. If you’d like to discuss an ideas you have please feel free to contact me.

Here are some examples of previous commissions several of which were given by clients as gifts.

I’d love to help….

Joan x